Borris Lace Exchange in Matera



The Italian Exhibition of Crafthub was a wonderful occasion for the Italian participants to gain an insight into the project, the experimental processes and craft techniques explored across Europe by creating their own Borris Lace inspired designs! It was also an opportunity for the Borris Lacemakers who went to Matera to learn about local lace techniques and imagine future cooperations.

Visit to Crea che Ricrea

For the Irish women, the highlight of the Borris Lace Exchange trip was meeting Lina Ramundo, who has been working from her studio, carved into the rock of Matera since 1973.

Lina lives and breathes her craft and has handmade everything in her studio, down to the lampshades!.

“She´s who we all want to be when we grow up

Lina left some samples to provide her input and expertise on the Borris Lace Exchange quilt (coming soon!).

Contact and follow Lina Ramundo via her website or Facebook page!

Borris Lace workshop

On April 4, 2023 at the Ex Ospedale di San Rocco (Matera, Italy) as part of the Craft Hub exhibition, there was a Borris Lace workshop with Irish craftswomen visiting Matera for an exchange on lace techniques. The workshop was open to all ages, starting from 12 y.o.

Have a look here at the technique explained and here’s a brief glimpse into the upcoming documentary on the Borris Lace Exchange and the enriching time we spent in Matera, captured by ULAB studio. More on the way!

Among the Italian participants to the Borris Lace workshop during Crafthub Italian exhibition were: