CraftHub partners share the CraftHub Catalogue

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The Crafthub Partners are absolutely delighted to launch the Crafthub Catalogue and share the hive of activities that have taken place across Europe in the last three years, in support of craft makers, thanks to the co-funding by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
The CraftHub project was borne out of a shared passion for Craft; its heritage, culture and traditions; its practice, materials, innovation and experimentation.

This funding enabled the partnership to deliver a wide-ranging programme of activities including: the creation of an open-access craft material library; craft maker residencies; workshops for new and established makers; tutorial films; maker interviews; a touring exhibition including a selection of showcase pieces to illustrate contemporary craft excellence; a conference; a festival and much more.

The CraftHub catalogue provides a comprehensive visual and digital narration of the entire journey, and how partners have engaged with craft professionals and local communities to explore the potential of cross fertilisation of craft practices and introduce craft to new audiences, new makers, new enthusiasts, and importantly, new markets.

The breadth and diversity of the activities and outcomes help highlight why we should all care about craft.