Creative Exchange – Art and Science Innovation?



The Nova School of Science and Technology (Lisbon) online residency focused on glass as a material and explored how this scientific knowledge, the aesthetics of science and the processing speed can influence the creative process.

A presentation about the structure and composition of glass materials was performed, focusing on what is glass and what elements can form a glass material. Natural raw materials used to produce glass were explored and which elements are used to give colour or luminescence to these vitreous materials. The glass thermal properties were also mentioned.

An overview of the concepts associated with glass science and technology relevant to anyone working with this material, particularly composition and thermal properties, was performed.

Afterwards, it was given several examples of the use of the acquired knowledge in creative thinking, followed by a discussion between the participants in separated groups. This discussion was focused on how the gained knowledge and the scientific experiments can influence craft and the creative process and how important it can be this creative exchange.

It was a 3 hours residency and it had 49 participants. Several questions were made in the chat, showing a lot of interest in the topic and on the research developed at the research unit VICARTE.