Creative Exchange with Glasmalerei Peters Studios



At the beginning of the event, Glasmalerei Studios was introduced and project examples of glass art in public spaces were given. After a discussion in which we also talked about the use of glass in three-dimensional sculptures, the various techniques of glass design were demonstrated, including airbrushing and etching.

In small groups we discussed the future challenges for restoration of new glass design techniques and the possibilities of glass as a material in works of the participating artists. The participants came from different fields of art. Some work with jewelry, paper, ceramics, or as sculptors, but others had previous experience with glass.

The artist Iris Henkenhaf-Stark, who was also part of the first residency round, presented to the participants the development process of her artwork AQUARIA. This artistic drinking water fountain was created in the Glasmalerei Peters Studios and the session was joined by over 40 practitioners.