How the Crafthub project can help artisan start-ups identify opportunities for creative and sustainable growth



Crafthub Italian partners, Materahub, are working with a local start-up creative studio in Matera, Italy,  to experiment on the development of original products and identification of new audiences.

Team Art Studio, launched in 2020, works with ceramic, illustration and printing techniques. In the first digital round of Crafthub residencies they explored new opportunities for growth through the ideation of new artisan products. In the second round of residencies they visited Design School Kolding to participate in the Color, Material and Surface Design residency and were subsequently asked to develop a workshop, inspired by this residency and their own artistic experience.

The manual printing workshop ‘Meet-ink’ was born!

Carve, ink and print!

Graphic design meets artistic craftsmanship in an activity that stimulates the mind and creativity.

Our eye perceives beauty subjectively, the combinations of shapes and colours and our taste in them is something strictly personal and often influenced by our mood of the day. Meet-ink began as a creative activity that brings together the manual techniques of linocut printing and the basics of visual perception of form and colour. This workshop has been designed with two possible target groups in mind: professionals and students in the field, and citizens and tourists who want to bring their interests closer to artistic techniques.

Through a series of dissemination activities targeting the local community, schools and professional institutions, hotels, B&Bs and tourism networks in Matera, new audiences will be introduced to the creative work of Team Art Studio.

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