Introducing the CraftHub Platform



We are very excited to be launching the website of this ambitious European craft project. The Crafthub website documents the vast variety of crafts across Europe, it is a way to connect with one another, notice the similarities and learn about the different ways to work with materials.

Within the website there are three different aspects; the Practitioners Library, the Material Library, and the Activities Gallery.

  • The Practitioners Library is a collection of practitioners who have chosen to join the website. Their work will be displayed alongside their information and includes a short interview on how they are motivated by their craft.

Join the growing number of practitioners to connect, exchange and grow together.

  • The Material Library is a collection of material techniques that document a specific process; ceramics, drawing, weaving. Practitioner profiles will be linked to their material entries. The entries can be about a craft in general, like ceramics, or can go into more specific detail for example; hand-built, or wheel thrown ceramics.

The Material Library is a page on its own; you can browse through the different techniques, but they are also connected to the practitioner who submitted the material. Each technique is personal to the practitioner and the website reflects that.

  • The Activities Gallery shares all the events, activities, workshops, podcasts and any other activity produced as part of the CraftHub project. Check out the news on the European maker exchange residencies in Swansea, Wales and Matera, Italy.

Submitted profiles and material entries will be reviewed prior to going live.  Due to the wonderful practitioners who have spent time telling us about their practice, the website is already beautiful and fascinating. We are looking forward to seeing it grow over these next few years into a space of knowledge and exchange of new and old techniques.

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Listen to the podcast introducing the platform