CraftHub project and possibilities of glass design

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How the project will inspire artists, craftspeople and new practitioners of glass design

Article by Dorothea Peters – Glasmalerei Peters

Founded more than 100 years ago, Glasmalerei Peters is one of the most renowned workshops for glass design in both traditional and modern techniques.

Located in Germany, we work for customers across Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia, and more recently in the Arab world. Our workshops and our members of staff, who work together with- and-for artists from all corners of the world, form the heart of our enterprise. Our members of staff are not only passionately involved, they are also highly qualified trained experts for all possible kinds of techniques; whether traditional or exceptional and innovative. As much as we love anything modern and innovative, we are just as attached to the roots of our craft; in other words, to working with glass from the past. Lead glazing, medieval glass, restoration and reconstruction make up a large share of our work.

With the Craft Hub project, we want to showcase the possibilities of glass design, the heritage of this traditional craft as well as all the new technical possibilities e.g., fusing, sandblasting, airbrush etc. From our day-to-day work with artists, we know that the co-creation process brings new synergies.

Craft Hub is setting up a digital repository and materials library, a series of exhibitions and touring shows and conferences and a transnational residency and skills development program for craftspeople. We will be involved in all aspects of the project. As part of the CraftHub program we will host a residency and create an exhibition of the works of the participants. We want to give artists, craftspeople and new practitioners the opportunity to be inspired, develop their artwork and learn new aspects of the craft.