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The Crafthub project comes to a close

As we culminate three rewarding years of the Crafthub project, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme, we are thrilled to unveil the concluding chapter of our exploration into the enduring significance of craft in cultural heritage and contemporary practices.

Throughout this remarkable journey, our collaboration with a consortium of nine partners, comprising academic institutions, NGOs, and public sector organizations, has been the driving force behind our efforts. Together, we dedicated ourselves to unraveling the essence of craft, underscoring the critical need to archive, preserve, and transmit invaluable skills and processes that face the risk of fading into obscurity.

Platform: Craft techniques and Practitioner Showcase

At the heart of our collective endeavors stands the CraftHub platform—an open-access, online resource hosting a dynamic digital material library. Today, we proudly highlight a platform showcasing over 500 practitioners with active profiles, creating a lively space for them to connect, share experiences and learn from one another. Craft practitioners, collaborating intimately with artists and creatives and curated material samples that vividly display diverse techniques and processes. With more than 2600 documented samples that are both technical and visual, the platform serves as a testament to the expansive spectrum of creative outcomes of craft, offering numerous opportunities for education, training, and research.

Exhibitions: A Tapestry of Craft Across Europe

The CraftHub international exhibition, commencing in Matera in April 2023, has narrated many unique stories of craft across various disciplines. These exhibitions not only honored craftsmanship but also showcased the dynamic interplay between local and international perspectives. The narratives of craft in Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Wales and Norway have been thoughtfully documented on our platform, leaving an enduring mark that celebrates the diversity and passion embedded in each craft community.

Residencies: Building Bridges and Fostering Collaborations

The residency program, a pivotal pillar of our project, served as a conduit for international exchanges among makers. From newcomers to seasoned professionals, our residencies fostered connections, cultivating a global community of craft enthusiasts. The collaborative spirit emanating from these experiences persists, uniting individuals who share a profound appreciation for the artistry and skills defining the realm of craft.

Workshops: Cultivating Creativity and Innovation

With a steadfast commitment to education and outreach, our partners have delivered over 350 workshops. These workshops, targeting both established makers for professional development and diverse communities, including students, children and vulnerable groups, have been instrumental in breaking down barriers to accessing craft. They have ignited inspiration among the next generation of makers, nurturing a fervor for creativity and innovation.

As we encourage you to explore the enduring legacy crafted on the Crafthub website, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our partners and collaborators.  Your contributions have been pivotal in making this project a resounding success. Thank you for being an integral part of the Crafthub story.

Join Crafthub partners Kieran Comerford from Carlow County Council in Ireland, the Crafthub project coordinators, and Shelley Doolan from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, whose ideas inspired the development of the project, as they share their thoughts on the numerous activities and achievements created in the last 3 years in support of the transformative future of craft and the professional opportunities this can bring.