UWTSD was delighted to host the International Craft Hub Exhibition in Swansea, Wales this September




The exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to showcase a jury-selected range of Contemporary Craft from across Europe. The work has been on display at venues in Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland before reaching us in Swansea, Wales. Next stop Oslo, Norway!  At each venue, the exhibition was complemented by a further jury-selected range of Craft from the host nation.

The exhibition was complemented by an extensive selection from the Craft Hub Material Library, with samples reflecting different thematic areas, including sustainability. Examples include the innovative use of recycled bottle glass to create beautiful upcycled architectural glass; as well as samples created by visiting makers in our Craft Hub Residency “Wild Colour,” exploring and experimenting with the natural dyeing process. Other themes explored through material enquiry, include heritage, experimentation, and technological innovation.

Alongside the physical Craft, the exhibition featured a digital display (on screens and accessible through QR codes). This included a wealth of Craft Hub tutorial films, with expert Craft Practitioners guiding the audience through Craft processes such as natural dyeing and screen- printing on textiles; as well as Maker Interview Films, exploring the practice, inspiration, and motivation of leading craft practitioners from across Europe.

Have a look into the short film, showcasing the highlights of the exhibition in Swansea!