Celebrating the Winners of the Craft International Exhibition – Public Vote Results!




Dear Crafthub Community,

We’re thrilled to announce the rock stars of our recent Public Vote during the Craft International Exhibition, a showcase of incredible craftsmanship from September 26th to October 26th. You cast your votes, and now it is time to shine a spotlight on the four incredible winners who wowed us all:

Winner 1: Ioannis Argyriadis by OECON

Winner 2: Angela Ramundo by Materahub

And guess what? Angela also wowed us in the Boris Lace Exchange With Matera activity. Find out more here

Winner 3: Zefi Tiftiktsoglou by OECON

Winner 4: Konstantina Soura by OECON

Our Crafthub community has rallied together to applaud these talented artisans and their exceptional creations. Your votes have given a resounding round of applause to their extraordinary talents. Each piece they have shared is a testament to the dedication and artistry that define Crafthub as the vibrant and inspiring platform we all love.

Thanks to the precious support of Crafthub coordinators, Carlow County Council, the winners will receive monetary awards of €1000 for 1st place and €500 for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. We understand how important it is to support the sustainability of craft practices so that passions can become professional journeys.

We invite you to explore their profiles, where you will discover more about these remarkable craft practitioners and delve deeper into the winning showcase pieces. Your support and engagement are what breathe life into Crafthub, making it a dynamic hub for craft enthusiasts worldwide.

Big thanks for joining us in the Public Vote for the Craft International Exhibition and for raising a toast to the creativity and skill of these four fantastic winners. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities and inspiring content, because the crafty journey never ends on Crafthub!

Crafthub Team