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Online Discussion about integrated art teaching will be organized at 23rd of June 2021 as part of the project PAL ART.

Article by Elena Kopanarova – OECON GROUP

OECON GROUP is organizing a digital event for the assessment of innovative training curriculum combining art with social inclusion and aiming to create teaching lessons in filmmaking, audio visual art, painting art, architecture, literature and photography.

The aim of the digital event is to present the elaborated Integrated Learning Modules part of the PAL ART Curriculum for creativity and art learning for social integration and creation of positive nativities connected with culture and history.

The event is arranged to be implemented at 23rd of June 2021 at 14:00 CET and with 2 hours duration.

All the inserted experts, artists, teachers and trainers can register free of charge in the following link at least one day before the event: registration now