‘A New Language’ Porcelain wall sculpture




My artistic research work in product design and the aesthetics of materials has a framework in real life and in the poetic potential of everyday situations.


Pigments and glazes


Ceramics and pottery-making

General Technique

Surface modifying

Specific Technique

Casted porcelain

Properties & Qualities


Art, Sculpture


2D, 3D, Colourful


Blue, White

Sample Information

Date of creation



35cm x 38cm x 9cm


2,5 kg

Culture & Context

“Out of the blue” is a site-specific exhibition of the project “Blue Collar – White Collar”. The artist group AvArt, who formely the shared Studio AvArt, thematize crafts in the age of technology. Efficiency, productivity, and digitalisation are well-known terms for value creation in our time. Technological development has changed human labour. Craftmanship, the work of the hand, is changing and challenged. What value does good craftmanship have if a machine can do it better and faster? A conceptual framework for the project has been to work with blue and white colours, as this has deep roots in the history of ceramics. The exhibition draws a line from today’s discussion to the first industrial revolution, where the Arts & Crafts movement became a counterforce to industrialisation. Site-specific versions of the project have been shown at Nääs Konsthantverk, Gothenburg (2017), Buskerud Kunstsenter, Drammen (2018), the national exhibition ‘Crafts 2018’, Fredrikstad, and at the Korean International Ceramics Biennale (2019).Arild Berg. In the exhibition Out of the Blue, he shows stripes in three wall sculptures casted in porcelain. This artistic research is based on an article he wrote with Karen Disen, KhiO; Stripes – in light of Schiller’s concepts of human foundations in form (2018), FormAkademisk. The works are Signs, A New Language and Contradictions (2022).

Process & Production

I work with concepts related to ceramic surfaces and colours. I scratch drawings into layer upon layer of colored porcelain. Burned to 1220 degrees, the layers become transparent and with metallic colors such as cobalt, copper and iron, a unique expression arises.

Recipe Details

Cobalt blue: 1% and 2%


Craft Maker

Arild Berg


Arild Berg