Dragon Eggs


A professional musician, Elizabeth had the good fortune to have begun her “clay play” with Peter and Helena Brennan, the pioneering couple of studio pottery in Ireland, in the early 1980’s. Paul Martin in The Bray Institute of Further Education was another inspiring mentor.

Working mainly in porcelain now, Elizabeth uses organic shapes and textures to create her pieces. Inspired by the work of Margaret O’ Rorke, she sometimes illuminates the work to further capture the unique translucence of the material with a golden glow from within.

Elizabeth can make porcelain look like paper, white leaves or eggs.  She returns continuously to the life-giving ovoid form, playfully calling them Dragon Eggs.





General Technique

Forming and shaping
Surface modifying

Specific Technique

Elizabeth approaches her work in a playful way and often finds a new direction in an observed "mistake." Her current body of work involves slip-casting with porcelain clay and firing to as high a temperature as possible in order to achieve maximum translucence.

Adding rich lustres, such as gold, mother-of-pearl and copper, gives the work an extra richness.

Properties & Qualities


Sculpture Art


Shiny 3D


Metallic Pearl

Sample Information

Date of Creation

2020 - 2023


Craft Maker

Elizabeth Petcu

Library Contributor

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Elizabeth Petcu