Dressed in nature




This visual study explores and experiments with nature, temperature and digital design. This is done to examine a proposition that an individual can be more attached to natural materials even in a digital production context, and where the inspiration from the print comes from nature itself.





General Technique

Surface modifying

Specific Technique

In cooperation with a supervisor I began exploring digital textile print on a Mimaki Tx300P-1800 printer.

Properties & Qualities

Digital textile print

The print "Gulltråd" is printed on 100% silk.

Culture & Context

Fast fashion has a big impact in the society we live in. The consumer is used to constantly buy new clothes, and quantity over quality is
the reality. Social sustainability and ethical trade are important to make the world more sustainable.

The print was printed on 100% silk. This material are robust and known for the good quality. This study explores different approaches to give the user of the textile associations to nature. The aim is also to bring in emotion and atmosphere, and combine photography, text, experiments, and digital tools to explore the expression nature can give

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