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Inspired by a pandemic period Switch Bag talks about mental health. It represents the different sides we sometimes show to the world. One, more minimalist and silent – the Outside; the other with so many colors and imaginaries – the Inside. As Mondrian, that painted basic elements with straight lines and pure color, in order to reveal the mystical energy between the forces that governed nature and the universe, the magnetized and colored compartments of the Switch Bag disclose little worlds inside them. 

It is a backpack, an office, a nomadic home, a decoration object, an organizer… it switches to adapt its environment.

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General Technique

Forming and shaping

Specific Technique

Properties & Qualities


Product Accessory


3D Textured/ Tactile


Beige Red Blue Yellow

Sample Information

Date of creation



H 35cm x W 28cm x D 15cm



Culture & Context

The traditional technique called “Saddle Stitch” or “Couture Sellier”, is used by the Traditional Leather Artisans all around the world. But in Portugal, it is dying.Pierced with pricking irons, and seamed with two needles, slow and carefully, this technique makes each thread go through one hole twice, which is why hand stitching won’t unravel. Because everything is stitched by hand, two pieces will never be exactly the same, but they will last a lifetime.

We make bespoke and personalized products that are unique & exclusive, and cannot be found on the market. This sustainable approach reduces stocks, avoid waste and, gives the unique opportunity to our clients to have the Limited Edition they dreamed of. Therefore, they Buy Less, but Better Products.

Our leather is up-cycled in Portugal and comes from surplus stock of luxury tanneries. That allows us to keep our suppliers close and preserve the Local & Circular Economy.

We choose to manufacture with leather because, for now, leather is a meat industry by-product, so it still must be treated and transformed. Beyond that, leather is also a very resistant material therefore long-lasting. That is why our low-impact goods are made to last generations.

Manufacturing with leather creates a lot of leather waste when the material gets cut or because it is not ‘perfect’ enough for the luxury industry. We try to reuse every piece of leather to create, keyholders or embossed details with woven leather.

Saddle stitching is a technique that is in danger of dying out or going obsolete in Portugal and it’s hard to find places that still teach these skills. ASA runs a series of Workshops where we teach how to make your own leather goods. It is something very significant for us, because we want to pass on the passion and raise the appreciation for traditional craftsmanship to future generations. This will Empower the future Leather Goods Designers & Makers by providing them with training/skill sets.


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ASA Leather Work - Stéphanie Branco

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Stéphanie Branco


Stéphanie Branco