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Ceramic in the shape of a sound rooster

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Ceramics and pottery-making
Drawing and painting

General Technique

Forming and shaping

Specific Technique

Hand modeled - decorated with acrylic

Properties & Qualities


Art Sculpture


Colorful Opaque Rigid


White Red Green Yellow black Blue

Sample Information

Date of creation

March 22, 2023

Culture & Context

The cuccu is the earliest sound toy of antiquity, shaped like a rooster, found in the tombs of children in Greek times, it became an Easter gift for the children of Matera.A symbol of virility, prosperity and good omen, it served as an amulet against the evil eye.
These roosters, in fact, were walled up as protection of the house.
Two-tone in sound, it recalls the cuckoo’s song while the coloring with polychrome stripes is conductible to the ribbons tied to the harnesses of horses at the feast of the Madonna della Bruna.
Also an engagement gift for the bride-to-be, it represented the man’s economic status.In fact, it is said, “the bigger the cuccù, the bigger the love.”

Process & Production

Clay is molded until the desired product is obtained, allowed to dry, baked in the oven at 960° to obtain the cookie, once baked, decorated with acrylic paints and allowed to dry.


Craft Maker

Ilenia Dragonetti


Ilaria Ferrara