Anja Hessler

I am a German-British artist creating contemporary mobile sculptures and interior objects from metal, acrylic and wood. Drawing inspiration from the Modernism movement and in particular the Bauhaus aesthetic and its focus on simplicity and craftsmanship, my work explores opposites; celebrating the preciseness of geometric forms fused with organic textures and materials. I am fascinated by the reflection of light, balance and movement in space. How this interacts with each object, transforming the aesthetic of the sculpture and its surroundings from a static object to an interactive installation.


What craft do you work with? 

I enjoy working in a variety of metals, combining them with acrylic and wood to create an exploration of simple geometric shapes fused with organic textures. I love the physical interaction and tactility of working with metal, how it responds to the rhythm of the body. The expression of my movement and state of my mind is all visible and makes each piece unique. My favourite techniques are forging, hammer texturing, reticulating as well as experimenting with patina finishes.


Media & Contact


Freelancing: Form + Gestalt







Instagram: formplusgestalt


Photography credit

Rebecca Douglas Photography, Ramsgate, UK

Andre Hessler, UK


Ramsgate, United Kingdom