Anna Daley  

Anna developed an intricate interest in the way fashion design and crafts meet psychology and anatomy


Artist Statement

After learning how to knit as a child she never stopped and has explored hand knitting, machine knitting and finger knitting as she travelled and explored

What craft do you work with? 


What inspires you to work with this craft? 

Since living in Portugal I have been using local untreated yarns to support local manufacturing and to reintroduce the ease of a biodegradable element in clothing when working with 100% wool

How do you start your creative process?

“ There is always something you have mastered and something in which you are an apprentice. The artisanal way of working and thinking has helped me to meet myself as an artist.” 


What professional dream do you have?

I also did a natural dyes study and am dreaming about how to create a performance out of the lengthy process of dyeing textiles.


Media & Contact


Website:  ANNA DALEY (