Christina Zatagia

I am a contemporary artist and jewelry designer. I try to keep balance between the extravagant and minimal, I work in two levels, I enjoy making statement jewels as well as smaller shapes, more wearable pieces. The is no limit as to which material I use, I have collections with aluminium, rubber, plexiglass, sterling silver. There is always a story behind each collection, that is what it makes the jewelry unique. Also, my goal is that each of my designs can be worn in more than one ways.


What craft do you work with? 

This journey started slow and unexpectingly 15 years ago. I was back from my studies in interior design in my home city and I was trying to make something of my own. In the university I manifest always my designs in models, maquettes and big installations. So by the time I was back it was easy to start making objects that led me to the art and craft of jewels.

What inspires you to work with this craft? 

It is the fuel, the urge to keep on creating. I am passionate each season of what new I will create. Materials I am using now is aluminium, rubber.

How do you start your creative process?

It starts with a hind, a thought, I write it down and start to draw by hand always. The most enjoyable part is definitely the finished product, when I realise that what I thought is coming to “life”. The difficult part is when you learn more , how to avoid an obstacle.

How would you best describe your workspace and what tools could you not do without?

I use a small space, but I could also work anywhere as long as I have my tools which are the same tools when I started creating my jewels.

Are there new techniques you would like to try?

I am always open to new techniques. I would like to start getting more into the making of sterling silver craftmanship.

What have you learnt or the best advice you have received that you would like to share with fellow crafters?

The best advise was Do what you love, love what you do!!


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Photography credit

Panagiotis Karousos


Thessaloniki, Greece