Gabriel Andronikidis

Gabriel Andronikidis was born in Thessaloniki, he maintains an artistic sculpture workshop in Halkidiki. He studied painting, icon-painting and sculpture under various artists in Thessaloniki (Kostas Tsilsavidis, Kiriakos Kampadakis, Savvas Poursanidis). He is a member of SKETBE (Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece) and OSDEETE (Greek Collecting Society for Works of Visual Art) and Greek Marble Initiative. He presented his work in dozens individual and group exhibitions in Greece and Europe. He took part in 3 Symposia (Greek Marble Initiative, Polygyros Municipality Sculpture Symposium & Kalamaria Municipality Marble Sculpture Symposium on the Asia Minor disaster). Received distinctions: 1st sculpture prize at the 3rd Panhellenic Painting-Sculpture Exhibition of ADEDY, 2006 1st sculpture prize at the 4th Panhellenic Visual Arts Exhibition 2010 of the Parnassos Philological Association His works can be found in public spaces and in private collections in Greece and abroad.

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Gabriel Andronikidis