Jéssica Pereira 

Since I started working with glass, I have fallen more and more in love with the material and its possibilities. Something so fragile and so dangerous, an analogy of life itself.


Artist Statement

I discovered this connection and have never been able to forget it. The irony of the material itself having so many flexibilities and being so inflexible.

What craft do you work with? 


What inspires you to work with this craft? 

“The female body”, “female sexual pleasure” are some of the main points on my latest works, and I’m definitely interested in continuing with.

How do you start your creative process?

Glass is full of contradictions and unpredictability and that’s exactly what I’m interested in delving deeper into

What professional dream do you have?

There is a serious need for artists, authors, researchers who seek to study and communicate issues allied to women, the female body, and sexual pleasure, based on normalization, not restricted to the heterosexual cis white man.

Media & Contact


Instagram: @jessicapinto_studio