Kevin Morris

Initially motivated by an investigation of my own family heritage my recent work engages with concepts of craft, material, and place, often exploring themes of multi-generational craft.


Artist Statement

Making narrative work that considers traditional and contemporary practice as well our collective connections to heritage and tradition through ceramic slip casting and atmospheric firing. Thematically my recent work and practice has been shaped by northern landscapes, exploring themes of identity and place often through local eating and drinking cultures, focusing on these narratives and rituals associated with living within northern places, and how these actions preserve intimate and strong connections towards ‘north’ as itself, a place.

What craft do you work with? 

Initially developed through exploring the process of wood-firing.

What inspires you to work with this craft? 

I feel the practice of contemporary makers today is an extension of the lineage of practitioners who have gone before them. I hope to continue to make work that contributes to this and honour makers that are no longer with us. This project has reconnected me with the work of my former tutor William J. Brown and allowed the development of new work and the revitalising of his studio in Voe Shetland.

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Instagram: @kevinandrew.morris


Photography credit

Kevin Morris


Aberdeen / Scotland