Liana Anastasiadou

I was born in Thessaloniki, where I completed my studies on Product Design. I started my career designing furniture, and continued being creative in various ways. I was involved in the process of making objects with reused materials, curated group exhibitions with the purpose of showcasing Greek artists work, and empowered actions in my neighborhood.At this moment I am teaching Creative Thinking & Design Process in Applied Arts School, and as a side project I create analogue collages and transform them into everyday objects.


Artist Statement

For me collage is a means of enormous possibilities. When I see a magazine page, I can find so many elements of creation, so many combinations. There are figures, colors, letters, textures and they can all be composed into something new.Depending on the mood or the task.Custom collage is what I like most. I dive into each personality and try to make out something unique for the person who asked for it. And they are always happy with the outcome. And that makes me happy too!The fact that creativity has an impact on someone is what keeps me going.And smiling!


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Liana Anastasiadou



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