Louise Ravnløkke

I have a background in textile design practice that I employ in my research. My PhD project is a good example of how I do that and how I would like to further explore textile design practice and skills.


Artist Statement

My experimental and practice-based PhD research ‘Design of Knitted Jumpers for Longevity: Knitted Prototypes as a Tool for User Dialogue in the Design Process’ is a result of bringing together design practice and academia. The overall objective of the project is to generate knowledge that can contribute to sustainable change through an open design practice, with the intention to support the textile designer’s role in this development.
I am still occupied with the topic of combining my aesthetic practice with my research as a driver for better understanding the role of the designer in a world in transition of sustainable change. More specifically I like to engage in skills development – skills which entail sensory aspects of both the designer and the user of textile products as I find our sensory world key to connect with world around us.

Media & Contact


Design School Kolding, Lab for Sustainability and Design



Website: www.louiseravnloekke.dk

Research: researchgate.net/profile/Louise-Ravnlokke


Photography credit

Mia Mortensen Photography



Material Library entries

These are Materials that were discovered and crafted by the Craft person behind this profile