Spotlight on Maker: Marta Castelo


Mini introduction on who you are, where you are from and what you do.

My name is Marta, I’m Portuguese and I teach ceramics at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon, and I’m a researcher at Vicarte. My background is in sculpture and as well as teaching I’m also an artist. I work with raw clay, ceramics, photography and drawing.

What makes you passionate about your craft/profession?

Although I work with ceramics, which is a technology associated with crafts, my area of activity is art. I recognise that art and crafts are absolutely interlinked, but I suspect that they are not the same thing. However, neither area is better or above the other, they are equally important. What makes me passionate about my profession as a creator is the excitement of discovery, the pleasure of bringing new plastic forms to life through the encounter between thought, sensitivity and matter.

Why does craft matter?

Craft matters because it is fundamental to any plastic creation and because it brings comfort and beauty to our lives.