Nicola Heidemann

Forging, welding, hammering and weaving with metals. I am working in the field of art jewelery since 1985. I am completely self taught. Guided only by my passion for adornment , colour, and small sized art.


What craft do you work with?

I am working in thr field of art jewelery since 1985.I am completely self taught.Guided only by my passion for adornment , colour, and small sized art. Forging, welding, hammering and weaving with metals. Heat colouring.

What inspires you to work with this craft?

It is wonderful to know that my small pieces of art can be carried with .They awake alusions of nature. it is not only about adornment it is always a story topold and understood by the person who wears a piece. My prefered material for the moment is titanium because of its colouring possibilities.

How do you start your creative process?

often I start with an idea of surface, colour combination and a certain shade. For my pebbels necklaces for example i spent hours and hourd to find the right colour combinations.

How would you best describe your workspace and what tools could you not do without?

my workspace is chaotic. The tools i could not do without are my hammers, my saw, driller, and the puk welding maschine.

Are there new techniques you would like to try?

More about metal patination. More silversmithing skills, to aproach more bulbous shapes. Vitreous enamelling.

What have you learnt that you would like to share with fellow crafters?

Always be curios and eager to try out new things. Find your own language! Allow yourself to be guided by the qualities of your material!

What other types of craft do you dream of collaborating with?

I love the qualties of wood. So wood carving would be interesting to learn.

What professional dream do you have?

My dream is to find the key to approach a spindle shape with hand craft techniques. To find a possibility for a real green and red on titanium without harmful chemicals.

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