Sarah Roberts

I design and create unique pieces of jewellery and gifts. My work is very much based on my surroundings. Incorporating the flora and fauna, landscape and seascape of life on a peninsula. The range of materials used in my pieces is as diverse as the subject matter each item is based on, from gem stones, polymer clay to copper, shells to sterling silver. My metal work uses traditional silversmithing techniques, some of which I learnt in college, most self taught all with hours of practice! I use sheet metal and wire, hammer and flame, it is wonderful, I adore the process from idea to creation. My Dad used to come home smelling of foundry, then when I was older in art college a lecturer I admired showed me his wedding band, hand made from Clogau gold. So I think it was a combination of memories that made working with metal so right for me.

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If you would like to see examples of my custom work and processes have a look at my Etsy page

which previews of some of my items.

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Sarah Roberts

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