Sigrid Vischedyk

In the studio "Kunst im Forsthaus", I create acrylic paintings in strong, bright colours. Frequent themes in my work are nature, environment, health, music and human existence itself, with all the sentiments and contradictions it encapsulates. Glass with its special look and feel is an extraordinary material. Here, designs are created for artistic glass objects for home, garden and public spaces.


Artist Statement

The starting point for my painting was the music: More than 10 years ago, I got the chance to play regularly in a symphonic wind orchestra as a clarinettist. Enthusiastic about the timbres of this music genre, I started to create paintings accompanying individual pieces of music. In the context of a summer academy, I had the opportunity to try out other techniques of acrylic painting, which enabled me to visualize my perception of music more vivid than before.

At about the same time my family and I moved to the countryside. We renovated an ancient forester’s house and started to use the farmstead for agricultural purposes again. Soon after, I completed an apprenticeship as a shepherdess. I learned sheep shearing, wool processing and spinning. The work in agriculture, living together with our animals and the idyllic surroundings cause an intensive examination of questions regarding an ecological way of life, sustainability and environment. This resulted in new impulses and ideas for my painting and the studio “Kunst im Forsthaus” was founded.

Through my previous decades of work as a doctor, health issues are also starting points for the creative process. I am interested in social issues and controversial problems. For example, I have artistically dealt with the topics of palliative medicine, organ donation and solidarity between generations. Particularly exciting for me is always artistic exploration of emotions and the “inner world” of the human soul.

What do I wish for my work in the future? An artist friend of mine who works with wood has made a jewellery pendant based on a design of mine. He developed the original idea further, tried very different coloured woods for the realization and  changed the design a bit. The result is a series of unique jewellery pendants, which are now part of his permanent assortment. This small joint project has been a lot of fun and is an example of what I would like to see continue: creative exchange with other artists, developing ideas together, trying out new things.

Travelling is another important source of inspiration: This year I have studied the history of stained glass in Germany and France and visited the stained glass city of Troyes. Also from the practical side, I would like to deal more with the material glass and the artistic design on glass in the future, as I am fascinated by stained glass as a form of art.


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Dr. R.Becker, Brakel Sigrid Vischedyk Kunst im Forsthaus Altenbeken-Schwaney



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