Sofia Larssen

My name is Sofia and I'm a master student in Art in Society. My background is a bachelor in Graphic design but always with an interest in the art world, but also working with projects which involve other people. Now I'm working with my masters project where the main focus is repair processes in the urban space. What excites me the most is working with other people in art projects and to get people to be interested and involved in the projects.


Artist Statement

When repair is materially or culturally impossible, the choice or the voice of the people is also removed. Repair manifestos urge us to repair, not to recycle, reminding us that “repair means freedom and independence” and “if you can’t fix it, you don’t own it”. For me, this is my main motivation and inspiration. It’s a form for activism, of breaking in to the way we live our daily lifes. Taking care and being attentive to the things that sorround us. Being counscious and thinking in new ways to participate in our society.

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OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University



Instagram: @stolen.din


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Sofia Larssen