Tobias Eder

I originally studied classical sculpture. Since 15 years I work as sculptor in the digital materiality. I use software to model sculptures and rooms in virtual space. I make renderings of the resulting work, similar to screenshots. I print this on glass. For printing on glass, I work with Glasmalerei Otto Peters GmbH in Paderborn, Germany.


Artist Statement

First of all, I am a classically trained sculptor who loves Carrara marble, I began with an apprenticeship as a stone sculptor and then went on to the art academies in Karlsruhe and Munich to learn new things there. During his studies at the art academy in Munich, I initially worked in the field of “art as a service”. My “seating circles”, recently also virtual, bear witness to this creative period. I has been working in digital materiality with digital tools on powerful water-cooled computers since 2009. In virtual space I now forms, sometimes after the first short pencil sketches, objects, rooms, landscapes, sculptures and much more. After this creative process, there are three-dimensional, virtually accessible, digital models with which I creates sometimes NFTs. My work touch on different topics: some take positions on socially relevant issues, others articulate emotional sensitivities. With my work I create completely new, never-before-seen realitys that invites to look around in order to make new experiences and discover an expanded world.


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Tobias Eder


Freiburg im Breisgau Germany

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