Tyra Oseng-Rees

Welsh based, Norwegian artist, Dr Tyra Oseng-Rees makes Artisan Sustainable Fused Recycled Glass from waste demolition, construction and bottle glass. She is currently running her own business Oseng-Rees Reflection Ltd from a self-owned glass studio in South-Wales was the winner of Female Entrepreneur, Introbiz Swansea West Wales 2022 and Winner of Sustainable Business, Sustainable Academy Awards 2019. She has exhibited in New York, Turner Museum of Glass in Sheffield UK, and the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea UK, and her sustainable glass material is featured in the book “Welcome to the Glass Age” celebrating the United Nations International Year of Glass 2022”.


I believe that as a creative practitioner with an emphasis on circular economy in the creative industry there is a need for developing a better sustainable society where collaboration, long-term thinking and involvement from all sectors is vital in the development of a healthy and well-being society.

My aim is to break down silo mentality through integrating the business into all various sectors such as arts, education, construction, architecture, public and private sector. As a part of a socially responsible pledge I do lecturing, inspirational talks and workshops with a focus on arts, science, and sustainability, with topics such as entrepreneurial journey, circular economy, and arts.

As an art practitioner there will never be a time you feel you have learned enough, and there will always be a new challenge around the corner. The glass material I make is currently the only one of its kind on the market in UK and I am constantly working on new product development, exploring new techniques, or creating new textures and material expressions. This entails that all standardised glass processes need to be tested, explored, and experimented with before it can be applied, and by working with architects and designers there is always a new area of application.

My best learning curve must be running my own business and to be a part of all aspects of a commission from the beginning to completion of installation. I have also enjoyed collaborating with other trades and to understand both the constraints and the rewards in larger project which again has furthered own development.
My professional dream would be to grow my business in such a way that it genuinely can contribute to a national reduction of carbon footprint in the construction and architectural community and to create employment in the industry of arts and circular economy.

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