Yiannis Nazlidis

A versatile creator, who studied economics and law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and published a thesis titled "Art and Economy" at a young age, Yiannis Nazlidis is a painter, poet, director and author. He is active in all these fields, both in Greece and abroad. His studio and office are located in Veria, at the "EKKOKKISTIRIO IDEON”, a 1000-sqm multi-space with an adjoining courtyard of another 1000 sqm, where highly original art events, exhibitions, music events, theatrical performances, happenings, performances, lectures and seminars take place. It is also a venue for hosting and presenting the most innovative creative ideas that are currently in circulation. Yiannia Nazlidis has served as a curator for international art exhibitions in Ghent, Antwerp, the Periple exhibition space in Brussels, the Convention Center in New York, the National Museum of Cairo, Cyprus, the DAM National Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt, and the Grand Palais in Paris. Since 2000, he has been exclusively dedicated to the creation and presentation of his own extensive painting and writing work in the Greek art scene. His works have been showcased at the IANOS art space in Athens and Thessaloniki, the Free-Thinking Zone in Athens, and the Mediterranean Cosmos in Thessaloniki. He also maintains a permanent exhibition of his works at the “EKKOKKISTIRIO IDEON”. Nazlidis’ artworks are characterized by rich colors, and their themes are sources of optimism and joy. They encompass a variety of categories, including anthropocentric, surrealistic, original architectural, abstract, polymorphic and romantic, with conceptual elements. He has written studies and articles on art and its role in contemporary society. His artworks are accompanied by poems from his poetry collections. His unique collection of works with the theme "UNDERAGE ARCHITECTURE" serves as a poetic manifesto for action against modern urban anarchy and bad taste. The presentation and publication of his versatile portrait in the most well-reputed newspaper in Greece, the "KATHIMERINI " ("DAILY"), along with a corresponding interview on pod.gr, which highlights his global activities and the functioning of the "EKKOKKISTIRIO IDEON”, have created significant impressions and opened up new channels of collaboration with various artistic venues. Yiannis believes that emotions have every reason to figure more prominently than the arrogance of logic.

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Yiannis Nazlidis