TRANSFORMATION: Effect and affect of craft in society.




Welcome to Craft Hub EU Conference


Makers, curators, researchers and academics were invited to contribute presentations for the Craft Hub Conference October 26 & 27th on site at Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, and online November 1st of 2023.


The conference for the Craft Hub project aims to raise awareness of the role of craft in society in the broadest sense. Conference presenters will provide perspectives on the many roles of craft and making disciplines in society. The conference is an opportunity to share outcomes from the project and to discuss the potential for the future development of Craft Hub, for example through education or the EU plan of New European Bauhaus. See conference site for more updated information on possibilities for digital or physical conference attendance:


After the open call and a curatorial process among the partners the following participants have been selected for conference presentations:


Exploring craft heritage: 

Aileen Nolan, Carlow County Council, Ireland, 

Apostolina Tsaltampasi, OOECON, Greece 

Carlow County Council, Ireland

Diana Butucariu, Sweden, Romania

Eleonora Trivellin, San Marino  

Eric Lindeborg, Sweden

Evita Stavrou, OECON, Greece

Fiona Byrne, Ireland  

Glasmalerei Peters Studios, Germany

John Shorthall, Carlow County Council, Ireland

Loucia Manopoulou, United Kingdom, Greece

Márcia Vilarigues, NOVA University, Portugal

Massimo Brignoni, Italy

Robert Wiley, NOVA University, Portugal

Siân Lester, University of Wales, United Kingdom

Teresa Rieger, Germany


Aesthetics of materiality:

Astrid Heimer, OsloMet, Norway

Catherine Brown, University of Wales, United Kingdom

Design School Kolding, Denmark

Imogen Mills, University of Wales, United Kingdom

Janine Hadley, University of Wales, United Kingdom

Kristin Andreassen, OsloMet, Norway

Liu Qiwei, The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Shellie Holden, University of Wales, United Kingdom

Sian Lester, University of Wales, United Kingdom

Tyra Oseng-Rees, University of Wales, United Kingdom


Technology and crafts:

Dorothea & collaborators,  Glasmalerei Peters Studios. Germany.

Karen Marie Hasling, Design school Kolding, Denmark

Louise Ravnløkke, Design school Kolding, Denmark

Lydia Chatziiakovou, Greece /Turkey

Piotr Marek Nowak, Norway

Sandra Wilson, University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

Teresa Almeida, Portugal