Colour weave sample #3



This sample has been made on a small-scale loom – as a way to play with colours and materials. The experimentation was set out to explore materiality and how different types of yarns (surface, structure, material, etc.) influence the colour and perception of colour.





General Technique

Surface modifying

Specific Technique

Colour experiment weaving

Properties & Qualities


Sample making


2D Colourful


Black Grey Orange Pink

Sample Information

Date of creation

April 2022


10x5 cm

Process & Production

This colour material weave sample was made as a part of the Craft Hub residency at Design School Kolding in Denmark. Here 14 external practitioners were invited to engage with techniques used in textile design to openly discuss matters of color and material across craft discipline.  

The field of textile design is often seen in collaboration with other craft disciplines, such as textiles for clothing or interior. To introduce others to try a selection of techniques, opened a discussion of the role of color and materials in relation to product experiences – further it led to a playful engagement and a broader discussion on creativity through making.  

The workshops were facilitated by textile designers and workshop managers from the textile department at Design School Kolding Signe Fink and Iben Høj drawing on their many years of experience in textile printing and knitwear design respectively. 

The first workshop started with a short presentation on colors and how we tend to have favorite ones. These individual color pallets were challenged through guided exercises to unfold perspectives of selecting colorways – for one thing randomness principles and methods. The introduced principles and methods were throughout the workshop series explored applying various techniques. With a material-based approach, participants experimented with developing ideas within color, material and surface design. 

Find out more about the residency here on this Craft Hub platform, see for example 


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