Arianna Moroder

My interest lies in learning and experimenting. The creative process is idea - and material lead and rooted in a deep passion for textile matter.


What craft do you work with? 

I am a textile designer and artist, who works with textile materials and techniques.
My interest lies in learning and experimenting. The creative process is idea – and material lead and rooted in a deep passion for textile matter. This path has brought me to study how things are made artistically, industrially and artisanally and the implications of these processes. I am focused on exploring transformation and the relations between people and materials.

What inspires you to work with this craft? 

Textiles are some of the most ancient artefacts we have made as human beings, this has always fascinated and spoken to me. The process of making textiles is almost as old as humanity itself and belongs to our earliest acts as “makers”. Also, textiles are made everywhere in the world; wherever there are people there are yarns that have been twisted and woven into fabrics, in the same way, using the same basic weave structure.
We all own textiles, live with them and cover our bodies in textile materials, every single day. It is the universal language, we all share, not matter who we are and where we are from.

How would you best describe your workspace and what tools could you not do without?

My workspace is wherever I can stay and make myself comfortable. I am always on the move, privately and professionally, and often take work with me. However, I could never live without my very old sewing machine and a sharp pair of scissors. Tools of any sort are fascinating and inspires me to think of multiple uses and ways of adapting them for any circumstance. I love to MacGyver myself out of any situation!

Are there new techniques you would like to try?

There are some amazing techniques within my field I have less than zero experience in, like industrial embroidery, hand woven Jacquard or artisanal lacemaking. These all sound very appealing to me, and at some point, in my life, I hope I will have the chance to try. However right now I am fascinated by the idea of working with hard materials like stone, marble or concrete. What a departure…

What have you learnt or what is the best advice that you would like to share with fellow crafters?

The best advice is to have fun with the craft. This is something I struggle with a lot, because perfectionism, which surely is deeply rooted in craft people, can be quite a killjoy. My long-term goal is to get to the point, where the creative process is 100% pleasure and I can access this enjoyment any time I want without stress or anxiety. Another important thing I have discovered, is that teaching and learning are often the same, so that one can constantly grow and better themselves while inhabiting both the roles of student and teacher. That’s just fantastic

What professional dream do you have?

I want to discover as much as I can; I want to learn about the creative process and how work comes about, this in pretty much every discipline. I also want to share with other creators, issues concerning the inability to produce work at times and having creative block, all in. order to learn from each other and build a community.

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