Martin Marley & Leiko Uchiyama

Martin Marley This exploration of figurative form has continued and is now focused on male heads and torsos.My interest now extends to the material and the processes of using clay and creating forms, from hand building to moulding and casting, the process of making interests and excites me.Leiko Uchiyama - Felt MakerMy journey here has taken me from my Japanese home as an agricultural and textile design graduate, to New Zealand, where I worked on a sheep farm, to Indonesia where my felt making techniques developed and France, where I relished my aesthetically and culturally rich surroundings.


What craft do you work with? 

Our collection of  pieces (1-6)  presents that time spent during the pandemic with pieces made of natural wool felted into cocoon forms and containing individual figures, sculpted in porcelain. The pieces hang in isolation but reflect the safety of a natural material like felt and the fragility of a material like porcelain.One or more pieces can be displayed.

What inspires you to work with this craft? 

CocoonsWool is a natural protector, it keeps us warm, dry, and safe. During the pandemic we were asked to keep safe, keep our distance and for the older population to cocoon.


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Martin Marley & Leiko Uchiyama



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