Sanja Lulei

As textile designer and weaver, experimenting with yarns, colour and structure is in focus of my work. Natural yarns were part of my creations from the beginning. Botanical dyeing with plants and oats as well as the idea of ​​„zero waste" were added in later stage.


Artist Statement

The fascinating thing about weaving is the inexhaustible variety that results from the interaction of fibre, colour and shape. Manipulating textile surfaces and placing them into new contexts offer a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether flat, fold or tubular fabric, they all form the starting point of the creative journey between art, design and traditional hand weaving. At the same time this forms the base for sensory textiles – textiles that one can see, feel and experience with all senses.Likewise, the relationship between light and fiber plays an important role. Backlit woven surfaces unite impressive atmosphere with aesthetics, enriching our living spaces, calming our spirits and boosting our souls.Furthermore, the technique of double weaving permits designing ready-to-use products that don’t need any cut & sew process which makes the crafting even more exiting.My work aims at an experimental and artistic approach to hand weaving.


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Photography credit

Kleine Rückblende – Melanie Warnstaedt and Sanja Lulei