Silke Wellmeier  

I work with Limoges porcelain, assembling it freely by hand into thin-walled objects/vessels.


Artist Statement

I work with Limoges porcelain, freely assembling it by hand into thin-walled objects/vessels. This creates paper-like vessels/objects with an almost organic-looking surface. I usually work in series on a particular theme, re-shaping, reproducing and documenting.

What craft do you work with? 

Limoges porcelain

What inspires you to work with this craft? 

The possibility of placing the ceramic objects in relation to the space, as a kind of installation. “In my works there are several series, each based on a different idea and intention. Usually I represent a certain theme or try to make it visible in a different way. To make visible.

How do you start your creative process?

Silke usually works in series because she is fascinated by repetition, series and the negative and interstitial spaces they create

How would you best describe your workspace and what tools could you not do without?

I use Limoges porcelain, dyeing it according to my own recipes in about 30 different colour gradations.


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