Nancy Farrington

I work in a process-led way across different mediums such as ceramic, textile, metal and glass. I am particularly interested in combining different mediums to add a new dimension and unusual tactility to traditional craft forms.


I am a second year Design Crafts student at Swansea College of Art. My work has always been very mixed media based, using a lot of collage and 3D model making in my GCSE and A-level pieces. I started experimenting with unusual materials in my foundation year, where I combined jewellery with foods such as caramel and chocolate. My work right now is continuing to be experimental, but using traditional craft materials such as textiles, ceramic, metal and glass. I am particularly interested in making new forms using unusual combinations of materials, such as using fabric manipulation techniques combined with metal folding. I enjoy letting the process lead the final outcome, letting forms take shape spontaneously with no structured plan to follow.

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