Katerina Knight  

Katerina Knight is an English Craft Practitioner, based between London and Worcestershire. Crafting stories with cloth, Katerina works sensitively with her materials, by hand.


Artist Statement

Specialising in one-of-a-kind handmade textile objects. Each piece is an individual artefact of craft. Forming an intimate dialogue with the land

What craft do you work with? 

Forming an intimate language, that pays homage to traditions of English hand craftsmanship. Layering together artisanal techniques to form contemporary cloth.

What inspires you to work with this craft? 

Slow and considered processes are personally meditative and healing, whilst using the lens of slow craftsmanship to highlight the healing of our Earth will too take time, presence and patience.

How do you start your creative process?

Creating textiles that are evoke both the preciousness and temporality of life in all forms

How would you best describe your workspace and what tools could you not do without?

Working with organic elements, homegrown, locally foraged or collected over time Katerina develops an evolving ‘living library’ of textile materials.

Are there new techniques you would like to try?

The development of Katerina’s practice has been kindly awarded support by Burberry, The Textile Society and The Clothworkers Company.