Tom Dalton

I studied weaving, printing, ceramics, and metalwork at Grennan Mill Craft School in Thomastown, Ireland. I then studied at Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork, receiving a First Class Honours in Fine Art in 2011. After working in the arts for a number of years I retrained in Furniture Design and Making. Since graduation in 2018, I have worked alongside other furniture makers to develop my skills and experience, while also engaging in my own projects.


Artist Statement

In terms of craft practice, I am often drawn to lowly materials – believing in a sort of material alchemy that can take place when something seemingly worthless is treated with value and preciousness.My furniture blends contemporary approaches to traditional processes with a sensitivity toward material choices. I am inspired by the Irish vernacular and the coastal landscape where I grew up. The ‘story’ behind the objects I create is all important and can imbue a work with meaning. The Nini and Paddy chairs seek to contemporize the Irish ‘famine’ chair. These heritage pieces arose not from a rigid set of design principles, but from harsh parameters of the scarcity of resources, yet display a beauty that belies the bleak reality in which they took shape. Within my take on these pieces, CNC routing and laser cutting sit alongside more traditional forms of craftsmanship like steam-bending and lathe turning. I’m interested in a need to re-evaluate our relationship to raw materials and waste production and strive to embrace holistic systems of design and production that benefit our world environmentally and socially. I believe that a combination of looking to the past and embracing new technologies can lead to exciting, innovative, and more responsible forms of making.


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Photography credit

NiNi and Paddy Chair – Hayley K. Stewart – Hive Studios, WaterfordPhilomena Platter – Tom Dalton – CSN College CorkSpoons – Tom Dalton – GlasgowBio-Composite Tiles – Tom Dalton – Glasgow Studio Shot – Jenny Monks – CSN College, Cork


Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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