Tracy Nicholls

Working from my studio in South West London, I use predominantly opaque glass to create my delicate, sculptural pieces. Fascinated by erosion, of solid forms disintegrating over time – becoming ever more delicate and fragile, I draw on the imagery of this journey and the intricate structures that remain.


Artist statement

Perfectly imperfect – edges crumble while pitting, cracks and holes emerge. I create sculptures using a variety of techniques within kiln formed glass to highlight the beauty found within states of erosion – exploring the deteriorations that occur around and within us, the once solid forms that disintegrate over time, becoming ever more delicate and fragile. I draw on the intriguing imagery of this journey and the intricate structures that remain. Working to manipulate and distort the material, to exploit the tension that exists between the planned and the unexpected that can occur within the making process, I constantly push the limits of the material in order to produce my unique sculptures. I am still filled with apprehension and excitement on every kiln opening to see what magic or disaster has occurred. Rejecting initial qualities typically associated with glass – the transparency, vibrancy and shine, towards a simple monochrome palette and opaque glass, sandblasting to exchange the gloss for a satin sheen. The interplay of light within the pieces adds extra dimension and depth as it creates shadows through apertures or glows as it bounces around interior curves.

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Photography credit

Glow, Aulisca, Ethereality – Amanda Rose

Tracy Nicholls – Jad Oakes

Erosion #4 – Simon Bruntnell