Crafthub launches a public vote to select the favourite Showcase pieces

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Crafthub launches a public vote to select the favourite Showcase pieces exhibited during the ‘CRAFTHUB International Exhibition – Investigating craft practices across Europe’

Dates public vote: 26th September – 26th October

The Crafthub exhibition has travelled across Europe, welcoming thousands of  visitors in Matera (Italy), Paderborn (Germany), Thessaloniki (Greece), Lisbon (Portugal), Carlow (Ireland) and Swansea (Wales). The tour will finish in Oslo (Norway) from the 26th October to the 9th November.

It has been a wonderful opportunity to showcase a jury-selected range of Contemporary Craft from across Europe.  Over 100 craft practitioners have contributed and participated in this process!

Alongside these Showcase pieces, the exhibition has featured a sample of the emerging project outcomes, including experimental material library samples; a selection of tools and raw materials illustrating process; film tutorials and maker interviews; as well as a Soundscape, weaving together workshop sounds. A Crafthub catalogue is being curated to share the project achievements, including a dedicated chapter to all showcase pieces that have been exhibited.

Courtesy of the project coordinators Carlow County Council from Ireland, there is a cash fund of €2,500 available to award selected Showcase Exhibitors.

The first prize will be €1,000, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize will be €500 each.

The Crafthub team is asking for help from the public to make this selection!

An online public vote will be launched on the 26th September – 26th October and the winners (with the most votes) will be announced on the 1st November  during the Crafthub Conference – Transformation: Effect and affect of craft in society Oslo (Norway).


Below is a list of the practitioners participating in the public vote and their material cards illustrating their exhibited showcase piece. Each person can place ONE vote.

They can also be viewed in the Craft Hub Material Library – Showcase pieces.

Join the Crafthub community and vote for your favourite showcase piece!

Artist Name Craft Material card to vote
Agelos Papadakis Glass-making I can see you
Ally Nolan Textiles Laser Cut Aran Jumper
Anastasiadou Liana Other Communication last talk
Anatolitou Giota Metal-working
Reviving Paradise
Anna Donovan Ceramics and pottery-making Ceramic
Anna Lewis Glass Cast bullseye glass
Annalisa Francia and Clara Patella Printing
Angus Ross Wood-working Unstable Stool
Argyriadis Ioannis Other Chair “from within”
Astrid Heimer Ceramics and pottery-making Grip forms_Human hands
Barba Eleanna Other Ai-Stratis, 2019 & Dreams
Cally Booker Textiles Cally Booker Woven Textiles
Christine Vanoppen Glass-making Unfolding
Ciara O’Keeffe Clay Maker Babhla Brig Dearg
Eleftheriadou Lia Textiles Tapestry
Elisa & Janna Jewellery
Bracelets and rings made of copper bronze and brass
Erle S. Runde Wood-working
Wooden childeren’s puzzle
Fiona Byrne Glass-making Pate de verre
Galigalidis Theodoros Ceramics and pottery-making Handmade Bowl & Bowl on the pottery wheel
Georgia Dunne Textiles Contemporary woven textiles for tableware
Hatziathanasiadou Athina Other Red Flower & Chess Table
Hopsonidou Maria Other The Elephant & the Dwarf
Ilenia Dragonetti Ceramics and pottery-making
Drawing and Painting
Traditional Cuccu
Jessamy Kelly Glass-making Jessamy Kelly
Julie Massie Ceramics and pottery-making Golden Edges
Kainarou Anna Other Candlestick, rings, earrings, Necklace
Kakoulidou Dimitra Jewellery Rodami, Protea & Anaida
Kaltsidou Anna Jewellery Silkworm cocoon necklaces
Karkatselis Vasilis Printing
Elected Graduate & Suffocation
Karvouniari Sirmatenia Other Dimitra of Lesvos & Maria Callas
Keziah Philipps Etching Coper etching
Kristine Boesen Textiles Criss cross multilayer weaving
Lalos Theodore Other Cabinet de Curiosites, The treasure of myth & A whole life
Lazaridis Kiriakos Metal-working 2004 Athens Olympics 
Lina Ramundo Textiles Wedding dress and shawl
Luca Colacicco Wood-working Leaf
Marta Belkot Printing The Family Tree
Martin Lyttle Stone Worker Stars
Mary Conroy Clay Maker Casts of the Riverbed
Mastichiadou Kalirroi Other Backgammon without its checkers & Untitled
Mesander Dorothee Other What I had in mind & Underwater world
Papatzelou Maria Other Nukumori washi kimono & Kawa/FLOW Obi
Patrikiou Stefania Printing Untitled 2
Raptis Athanasios Printing Untitled 3
Roberta Boccardi Jewellery
Olive trees and buds parure
Roberta Pederzoli Jewellery Fire & Earth Torque
Skopi Vasiliki Jewellery Bracelet
Soura Konstantina Ceramics and pottery-making Torsion, Tripodiko & Spiral
Stavrou Evita Origami Collective Consent – explorations on paper
Stephanie Branco Leather working SwitchBag
Tanya Fryer Textiles Peace, embroidered and Pescadores, Ericeira
Thalassinou Lidia Ceramics and pottery-making Methexis – Katharsis – Summer
Tiftiktsoglou Zefi Other Pavlou Nirvana str., Raktivan Str. & Inescapable Routes
Tina Tvedt Jewellery No title
Tobias Eder Glass making Glass
Tomomi McElwee Textiles Highly complex and decorative quilting
Tracy Nicholls Glass-making Tracy Nicholls Glass
Tuuka Poyhoen Textiles Ragamuf
Ververi Meropi Textiles Imperfect Circle & The Interlacement Silkline
Vlachidou Konstantia Textiles Anthropocentric model & Sensations
Wenche Lyche Textiles Green Panter
Zisopoulou Ourania Textiles Meadow & Hoar-frost – Silk Scarf


  1. Eligibility:

The contest is open to creative sector individuals across Europe who have no association with the Craft Hub Project.

Association implies employed by the project or the project partner.

  1. Voting Process:

Public voting will be open to all website visitors.

The Crafthub materials cards for the showcase pieces can be found here. Voting is possible within the material cards of each showcase piece.

Participants may not vote for their own entries.

Voters can place ONE vote for their favourite showcase piece material card.

Automated voting or any form of manipulation is strictly prohibited.

  1. Voting Period:

The voting period will start on September, 26th  and end on October 26th, both dates in the Eastern Time Zone.

  1. Scoring and Winner Selection:

Winners will be determined by a popular vote only ranked 1-4 following submission of 1000 votes.

  1. Prizes and Rewards:

Prizes are advertised in the Craft Hub call.

  1. Disqualifications and Penalties:

Participants found violating the rules or engaging in fraudulent voting will be disqualified.

Any attempt to manipulate voting may result in the immediate removal of the participant’s entry.

  1. Communication and Updates:

Contest updates and results will be communicated via email and posted on our website. For inquiries, contact

  1. Privacy and Data Protection:

Participant data will be collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy, available on our website.

  1.  Code of Conduct:

Participants are expected to treat each other with respect and adhere to the principles of fair competition. Harassment or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Amendments and Termination:

Carlow County Council as lead partner of the Craft Hub reserves the right to amend these rules and to terminate the competition in case of unforeseen circumstances.

  1.  Dispute Resolution:

Any disputes will be resolved through mediation by an independent third party.

  1.  Publicity and Promotion:

– Participants are encouraged to share their entries and promote the contest on social media.

  1. Feedback Mechanism:

We welcome feedback on the contest rules and operation. Contact us at